Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Can somebody tell me why it is so difficult to solicit funds for multiple sclerosis? I suspect the same can be said of any other chronic illness but you see the problem is I have multiple sclerosis and as the spokesperson for our walk this year not to mention my picture plastered on our city buses it is imperative that I at least meet my personal goal. Is there something I'm missing or that I simply don't understand, you could possibly blame it on the recession yet it's a hard sell when you stand outside our local Costco store and witness the sales during the day. Baskets overflowing with food, wine, beer "I live in Québec" oh and throw in a flatscreen TV. Look at the lineups at Tim Horton's you're telling me you can't spare a dollar!

Is it just me or have people become immune due to the amount of fund raising going on today, let's face it there are many credible organizations collecting funds for various causes which are all worthy. In a country like Canada where we have apparently survived the worst of the economic downside why is it so difficult? And it's not only strangers but family and friends people who you should be able to count on yet nothing but silence as if you never existed or the disease never existed. You send an e-mail and receive an acknowledgment that the e-mail was opened and read and still nothing. Yet when the time comes, and it does every year when they are soliciting funds for what ever reason why is it that we cannot say no. I am not rich by any means far from it on long-term disability I live comfortably yet I certainly do not have excess funds to splurge. Several years ago do you know what I asked for Christmas? A child in a third world country that I could help out for a few hundred dollars every year, do I miss the money? no do I refuse to buy a hot dog for a local hockey team no, do I refuse to support a ball team by buying a chicken no, do I buy chocolate bars yes do I eat them no I'm diabetic. That's not the point the point is unless you are extremely poor you have some discretionary income to support others who are in need. I thought I knew people even those close to me however in reality little do I know.
As always there is a certain select group of people that are always there to support me, sadly the vast majority turn a blind eye appearing unaware of my condition at this time each year. It is fairly obvious the wheelchair kind of gives it away a fixture on my butt for the past six years do you think that maybe that would be a clue?

You'll have to excuse me for venting but I had to had to get it off my chest so that the next time your kid asks me to buy a chocolate bar I will not feel resentful and still reach into my pocket and purchase that bar supporting his team. So I can purchase that one dollar hot dog exiting Canadian tire to support a local hockey team. Differences aren't made by single huge contributions most are comprised of one or two dollar donations that add up to make a difference.
Thanks for hearing me out and please share your comments if you have any.

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