Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good afternoon,
Just received a new article regarding CCSVI results from Buffalo and Georgetown, I must admit at being one of the skeptics when this was first spoken about yet today I find my curiosity is growing to the point where I'm questioning whether or not getting tested would make sense after all.

Due to the length of the article see link below, "it would be a great idea if we could post PDF files"
the article was received on behalf of Irwin Mortman, autoimmune list of the autoimmune community.
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Have a great afternoon

Read the complete article on CCSVI by going to the link below.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dad
HA!!! I was hoping you might find this possibly relevant :) Let me know if you do get tested and what they find. I'd be really curious to know since my MRI from a couple of years ago showed a little minor blockage in one of my back neck arteries. So technical eh? It had me really freaked out. But, we shall see what happens.

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