Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday, October 4, 2009

It's been a while since I've written which simply means there's been nothing special to write about. Usually quiet at this time of year as October 7th approaches I can't help but reminisce about the past can't believe this October will mark my 15th year since being diagnosed. I'll save that for later yet I came across something which made me laugh on one hand yet left me a tad perplexed.

While looking through some real estate sales in Ontario I came across the following add.

Home listings, house listings in Toronto region, Ontario

This site provides real estate listings, real estate homes for sale, ... House And Bathroom Are Wheelchair Accessible With Only Small Step Up At Front Door. ...

I removed the name of the realtor "no use bashing the uneducated" however the company they represent is very well-known I think their sign is red and blue however I could be wrong.
The actual photo shows a step which has to be at least 5 inches high, while it may regarded as a "small step" for the sales rep it might as well be the Great Wall of China for someone in a wheelchair. If they had prospective clients who were wheelchair bound I wonder how they visited the home? As well the house itself is described as a three-bedroom raised bungalow? Raised bungalow to me usually means stairs to access the bedrooms, I wonder what criteria they utilized in order to indicate the house and bathroom were wheelchair accessible.There should be some type of standard better yet a course to teach people what is considered Barrier Free.

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Anonymous said...

No Kidding. People really don't realize how much ALL of the details matter when it comes to accessibility. It can be really frustrating for me to explain sometimes so I'm sure it's a nightmare for you! Good lord.
On another note I have been trying to find a hotel in Barrie that is very well accessible, since my house is not, and you may want to come see me sometime next spring. I talked to the Monte Carlo hotel and they gave me this info. I'd like more info, and to check it out myself so I can see it.
Wheelchair accessible room: Main door to the room is 2feet 11". Bathroom door is the same. Hallway width is 7feet. Bathroom she said is 7feet lengthwise. Bathroom has a roll-in shower with a seat and railings in the shower. Railings throughout the bathroom. I'm not sure about the toilet and sink, I will have to go look and take photos. Closets are lowered as well as the desk with the coffee/microwave stuff. Let me know what specifics you look for and I'll check it out :)
Love you lots

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