Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis is a real pain in the well you decide. It attacks the central nervous system which is similar to saying the air traffic control at the airport is amuck, all staff have left the building.

No one can predict what will happen yet undoubtedly something will that's a certainty. It's similar with multiple sclerosis in my case other than the so-called foreseeable problems caused by MS some of them tend to catch you offguard like recently people have started noticing that my eyes tend to drift and not necessarily point in the right direction, cross eyed is the nonmedical term. The muscles which control my right eye are weak apparently affected by MS. If it becomes bothersome I've been told it may be corrected surgically, currently it isn't that much of a big deal and I can manage quite easily thank you. The biggest concern is that is or can be noticeable I suspect on some days more than others.

My M.D. came over for her visit yesterday the good news is the medication I'm taking to control my blood pressure is working perfectly. The bad news, my blood sugar is creeping up slowly. I'm not at the point where medications are necessary yet I have to be conscious and careful in order to prevent the escalation of this chronic disease.

I did some reading regarding diabetes, it's great to know that weight loss and exercise are the two most important things a person can do to lessen the progression and potentially reverse this disease, wonderful news considering I am wheelchair-bound. My daily exercise routine consists of struggling to get out of bed in the morning followed by moving a joystick to control my motorized wheelchair.
Additionally one of the side effects of a drug I am taking is weight gain. Go figure I'm not certain what I'm supposed to do here.

My daily regiment currently consists of one can of Glucerna in the morning usually after a coffee with 4% cream "a thing of the past" for lunch I'll have a Lean Cuisine and a normal dinner when my spouse returns from work. Usually most evenings I will have one beer although I must admit I've had two today and frankly I don't give a damn. Now there are things which I can eliminate or reduce which would definitely help, weekends would probably be the time where I can affect the most change. We will see what my efforts translate into over the course of the next three months that is until the next visit from the vampire.

Quite frankly I'm tired and sick of the whole thing.

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