Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

I shouldn't have mentioned anything about my family physician, she's coming over to visit me on Monday. She's either reading my blog or I jinxed myself by speaking of our MDs. I consider myself very fortunate to have one of the few remaining family physicians who actually do house visits which you certainly don't hear about any longer.
We will probably review some of the results that came back from the hospital after my falls in the washroom and possibly the blood tests taken last week. She's nice professional yet unfortunately only two of her patients have MS so as I mentioned it's difficult for them to acquire the necessary knowledge to help with that condition. There is certainly no harm in monitoring and keeping an eye out for other things because having MS does not by any means make you immune to anything else.

My friend's brother was diagnosed with MS and had a really rough time only to be diagnosed with lung cancer several years later. He has since passed away but talk about bad luck, you would think one would be enough.

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