Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yesterday I received a letter from the licensing bureau advising me that based on the information provided "my medical condition entitles me to keep my drivers license." There is no doubt that I was pleased with their decision yet I wondered what other conditions merit such stringent guidelines.
It appears as if I will be required to provide them with a report from an ophthalmologist or optometrist, a report from my general practitioner and possibly one from an ergo therapist on a yearly basis.

I can't help but wonder how many other chronic conditions are subject to these demands? Would a person with diabetes or someone having undergone angioplasty perhaps people suffering from glaucoma or those people driving with the vision from one eye hey why not include anyone having to wear glasses.
How about people over the age of 50, people having had one or two accidents or received one or two speeding violations in the past few years. Even those receiving parking violations "obviously they can't read the signs" which is obvious based on the number of people occupying handicapped parking spaces, perhaps we could take this further and include a whole whack of people who suffer from degenerative progressive conditions just think of it, age is a progression of sorts resulting in reduced capacity, reflexes, mental processing speed. Hell even an ingrown toenail could cause enough pain for you to drive improperly or at least be unsafe behind the wheel. How far should we go with this? It begs the question have we gone too far? We allow drunk drivers and repeat offenders to take the wheel yet rarely call on them for yearly sobriety tests now wouldn't that open up a whole other niche think about the money that could be made from all these tests, reports, approvals, retesting. I think we've gone nuts, off the deep end and while a responsible person could easily correct the situation with common sense once the government gets involved common sense is lost forever.
Personally I stopped driving in Toronto when I felt it was unsafe for me to drive, I did not lose my license nor did I receive any tickets it was a decision I made on my own. Upon arriving in Québec I was evaluated and judged capable of driving, my question is do you think I would continue driving if I felt it unsafe for me or others? Why should everyone be made to suffer for the few who have no brains whatsoever.

I need to get my manual wheelchair fixed to incorporate a headrest as I sometimes utilize it to go from one place to another especially when the house I'm going to does not have wheelchair access. The manual chair which is lighter than my electric chair makes it possible for several men to pick me up including the chair and bring me into the non-accessible building. My electric chair also needs modification yet for some reason my manual wheelchair takes priority. I do not drive with my manual chair at least not yet but I have to bring it in for repair which means I will be loading my manual wheelchair in my Van drive from my electric chair which requires modification and upon arrival disembark my manual chair by pushing it in front of me using my motorized chair. Makes sense to me doesn't it? Something is reversed there oh well can't be all that important can it? Maybe I'll drive back with my manual chair since my electric one will still need modification.
You got to love it.

Have a great day!

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