Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2008

Denise parked the van outside so I could use it for our MS luncheon also some shopping for her upcoming birthday on March 15. I managed to make it to the luncheon however I was unable to tie the seatbelt the way we had previously determined at the mobility service center. Possibly feeling pressured for time yet yet for whatever reason it just didn't work and I ended up tying it the way I normally do. At the mall after completing most of my purchases I headed towards Costco for a bathroom break. They have the largest and most accessible washrooms in our local shopping center, well wouldn't you know it the handicapped stall was occupied by someone who was not handicapped correction a stupid inconsiderate neuron deficient employee. Because of this I ended up emptying my bladder in my diaper which unfortunately does not contain what my bladder does, end result wet pants and an awful feeling where you just want to go home and change into something dry.
Do you think I wanted to fool around with the seatbelts for my return trip?
I tried them way I normally do and drove home.
Now that the nicer weather has arrived I wll have to spend some time when I am not rushed in order to try and tie the seatbelts properly.
Every time "which isn't often" I take the van I feel like the monkey they first blasted into space. A good analogy would be the movie Apollo 13 where an stronaut spends hours in a mock spaceship to find the right combination to allow safe reentry into the earth's atmosphere I feel the same with the van I think I'll have to make list of things to do, you know like a preflight checklist used by an airline pilot. If everything is not done quite right and in the right sequence you ain't going nowhere.
For now it's outside and when Denise returns from work she can park it wherever she wants to frankly I don't give a damn. Was that not a famous line in a movie at some point in time?

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