Monday, October 24, 2011

Something funny in the midst of all of this.

Not having used a manual chair for so long I was very concerned with the distance to cover.

Granted 250 m may not sound like a lot yet I needed to be certain of what I was facing so I had my spouse take our van and measure the distance around our building.

This way we would know exactly what I'd be up against.  It would also tell me based on my practice runs if the goal was attainable.          She spent most of the day yesterday running errands, visiting her mom in a long-term care facility, her sister etc. etc. by the time she got home she was tired.   The last thing she wanted to do was to get in the Van to utilize the odometer and come up with a visual reference for me.

Of course she did it yet she had enough of her day and just wanted to settle down.  After driving around our building she was able to tell me exactly where my starting point and end point were located which relieved me.

So I went out and completed half the course before I had to call home so she could come and get me, my arms could not take doing it twice  in one day.  Later that evening after dinner while playing with my newfangled electric wheelchair I found a handy feature, "A Resettable Trip Odometer"

We both had a good laugh.

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Studio Jo said...

Bahaha! That's some fancy chair you got there. lol

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