Monday, October 31, 2011

My New Chariot!

Finally received my chair last week yet I haven't had time to share any information with you. Now that things have quieted down I can show you what it looks like and tell you a bit about it. It's the same type of chair I had before they call them "mid-wheel" as the drive wheels are the large ones which are located dead center.

This type of chair is outstanding when it comes to maneuverability, it can basically turn on a dime since when you turn one drive wheel goes forward while the other one turns in reverse. They are not that great outdoors in the winter and are useless in the snow yet for me the ease of maneuvering in and out of public washrooms, our condo, shopping malls etc. definitely make up for the shortfalls. With everything going electronic today it's no surprise that the controls for the chair are electronic as well however an LCD display? While I have just received it I cannot wait for my new chair by that time it will probably be able to climb stairs.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Wow that is a nice chariot! I have a mid wheel chair too but not this fancy:) I chose the inside chair too, more practical....

Karen said...

That's some chair Michael!

MikeH said...

Hi Kim and Karen,
Yes those mid-wheels are great for getting around in tight spaces.
I especially like my new one because I can tilt my seat or lift my legs independently from one or another. My ankles are swollen due to MS/diabetes and who knows what else, being able to lift them is great.
Unfortunately I purchased another piece of equipment one that I didn't really want yet had to get, I'll be posting about it tomorrow.
Have a great evening

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