Thursday, July 21, 2011

Which one?

We returned safely from our trip to see the grandkids. It was great but tiring personally I find the drive takes a lot out of me even though I'm not doing any actual driving. Possibly just a fact of being confined makes the six hours seem like much longer yet we did it and I'm pleased to say everyone is doing fine.

Had my first appointment with the ergo therapist on Tuesday my second appointment is this coming Tuesday where everything will be finalized for my new chair. There is one problem however I have the choice of two models a Quantum 6000 or a Sunrise 323 I have no idea which to select. Of course I've tried posting my request for information on what I felt was a popular website however so far I've only received one response. It is impossible for me to imagine that I am the only one in a wheelchair? Are people simply afraid to share their opinion. It seems strange especially when quantum is manufactured by Pride when the largest manufacturers of wheelchairs around. It's understandable with the Sunrise as they are manufactured in Canada and are not as well known at least not yet.

If you have an opinion please send me a note

If you are using a power wheelchair I could really use your input.



Karen said...

Hi Michael,
Sorry I can't help, I am in the process of selecting a manual, and that is confusing enough!

Good to hear that you saw the grandies, and I am looking forward to seeing lots of pics!

I know what you mean by the long trip. I don't do the driving either, but a 6 hour drive to the cottage wears me out!

Nicole said...

Yes, Once again I thought it was just me. Long trips are hard on me too. Plus, I have a Quatum with no complaints.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I just now read your request and I should know the answer. I have been using power chairs 20? years but I do not know the names of Sunrise or Quantum. I have had a Pride for several years and it was a good chair. Email me with your questions at

MikeH said...

Thank you all for your comments.
Would you believe that I posted this question regarding wheelchairs on a national MS site and received one response?
For a while there I thought I was the only one using a chair LOL.
Thanks again,

PS: Quantum is made by Pride and it's probably going to be the chair I select.

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