Thursday, July 14, 2011

No More Questions

For the past several days I've been trying to psych myself up for my appointment tomorrow with my neurologist.

In the beginning I would never enter his office without a list of questions.  Something would pop into my mind and it would be added to my list of things to ask.

Unfortunately I'm all out of questions there are no answers there are no longer any lists or queries which need to be addressed.

What's left is what is, plain and simple.  I may ask for his opinion regarding my chair yet I already know what I require and would just be making casual conversation.  It really is nothing new my appointments have never been anything but casual conversations because when it comes to the disease there isn't much to discuss.


Just a girl with MS said...

I'm actually more scared of when I get to that place than where I am at the question mode right now.

Karen said...

Hi Michael,
I find discussing the weather fills in some time..

Karen said...

PS...Love your background, it's one of your photos?

nicole said...

I do the same thing. I usually leave just as If I came a girl in search of a spark of hope.

MikeH said...

Hello There,
I really don't mind going to see him every six months yet I wish there was something they could do. Years ago I at least participated on the trial for copaxone in the treatment of primary progressive MS. After four years of giving myself daily injections and going for seven or so MRIs the drug company stopped the trial indicating there was no reason to continue.
Since then nothing absolutely nothing.

Karen, we actually have a pretty good discussion that usually encompasses new treatments potential trials that kind of stuff mind you I would not be permitted to participate on any trial due to the progression the disease has had on me. They have a fairly strict protocol to follow when performing trials and I wouldn't be able to complete any of the tasks required.
By the way I cannot take credit for the picture, my spouse took it a few weeks ago as she was coming home from work. It took me a while yet I finally convinced her to carry her little camera just in case something popped up. I've included a sample below which I found very cute.

Nicole, thank you for your comment and where is the spark of hope you speak of? I would certainly like to find it or even brush up against it to know it's really there.
PS: do you have a blog?

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