Friday, June 3, 2011

I can't drive what?

What follows provided me with quite a laugh I trust it will at least provide you with a chuckle as this week comes to an end. 

As most of you know I am wheelchair bound and have been for the past seven years or so, using a walker is impossible I can stand then transfer by pivoting and that's about it.

Some time ago I received forms from the licensing bureau requesting medical information from my family physician my optometrist etc. at first I wasn't certain what to do.

On one hand it would be great if I could maintain my licensing privileges yet on the other side of the coin it really isn't that important to me,  We are centrally located and I can virtually go anywhere with my electric wheelchair.

Turns out everything came back indicating there was no reason why I could not maintain my driving privileges so I did not hesitate and sent the papers off to the SAAQ, that is the governing body in the province of Québec which handles all licensing registration anything to do with driving vehicles.

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from a gentleman at the SAAQ wishing to inform me the classification of my permit had changed, class 6.3 had been removed.  My question to him of course was "what is class 6.3" to which he answered and this is no kidding.

You are no longer permitted to drive scooters! I asked again for confirmation hung up and then cracked up!

Have a super weekend!


Muffie said...

Too funny! I'm debating what to do about my own license renewal coming up this August. I have to go to the DMV in person, have a new photo taken, and sign the renewal form. If I use my scooter or even the walker, aren't they going to figure out I really shouldn't be on the road in two tons of lethal steel? But I want to keep the license, even if I don't drive anymore. A dilemma...

Karen said...

Oh that is funny! So sorry to hear you will have to turn in your Harley Michael.

MikeH said...

this certainly had me chuckling for a while especially when you consider they are the people who approved my vehicle modification, my evaluation with the therapist and all the rest of the stuff. It's beyond me!

There are so many modifications that can be made it's certainly worth your while looking into them. I first started with a left foot accelerator pedal. You should've seen me when we moved form one province to another and I rolled in to the licensing bureau with my wheelchair.
I left with a stack of papers forms to be completed by just about everyone in the medical field.
It can be done and while it may seem daunting take it one step at a time.

Nicole said...

Apparently, I'm a little slow. You mean they say you can't drive the scooter thing? But that's not something for the driving in the streets, right. That's for the mall or stuff like that, right?

MikeH said...

Hello Nicole,
Actually even though I am wheelchair-bound I can still drive. My Braun Toyota van is adapted so I can roll up to the drivers position "with the drivers seat removed of course" there is a locking mechanism for my chair. I drive using a hand control for the gas and brake function they even measured the strength of my right arm and adjusted the power steering to match.
There is really no limit to what they can do providing your eyesight is good.

After driving for several years, my adapted van is a 2008 the licensing bureau sent me a letter advising me that my license would be changed and I would no longer be allowed to drive scooters motorcycles which are usually under 100 cc.
That is why I laughed so hard, I can stand for a minute or two if I lean on a counter or have something to hold onto yet taking a step is virtually impossible and getting on a scooter will now that would be a miracle in itself.

You have to love those government departments!

Have a great day

PS: I tried to reply to your e-mail yet it indicated no reply could be sent I hope you see this post.

Nicole said...

Hmm I wonder what happened? Thanks for setting me straight. I can see why you were tickled now. Hand controls would be great, but aren't an option right now, maybe later.

I hope you are still laughing!

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