Friday, October 15, 2010

My cat is worth more than I

Occasionally I will encounter a situation which is so ridiculous the only sane thing to do at least for me is to laugh it off, and besides what better way is there to start the weekend than with a good laugh.

My wife is spending a week in Mexico at the beginning of December sooooooo I needed to make arrangements well in advance. There is only one facility I can go to and reservations must be made and approved well in advance in any case everything for December is set.

The first thing that had me chuckling was their policy regarding bathing or showering which is normally set at once per week per patient. If you put up a fuss chances are your wish will be granted but they try and stand by their policy of once per week. I actually think it is set by the provincial government as a standard to follow.

A few weeks ago my spouse and I were watching an old film with Clint Eastwood called "Escape From Alcatraz" It's an old flick but a good one. As the inmates fall in line to be processed, receive their clothes and basic instructions I could not help but laugh when the guard mentioned "you get to shower twice a week"

Gotta love it I laughed thinking that in today's society we could not provide people who stayed in respite care with what was considered normal in a maximum incarceration facility.

This facility is subsidized by the provincial government, my cost each day is $15 which includes all meals and any assistance I require. They also do laundry so it's pretty hard to complain. Yesterday my spouse reserved a spot at our local veterinarian for our adopted cat, turns out the charge for him is $16 per day.

If this isn't representative of a totally screwed up system I don't know what is yet how can you not laugh.

My cat is worth more than I LOL

Have a great weekend!

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