Monday, October 4, 2010

Help from the Caribbean

Please bear with me as I attempt to customize my blog to make it nicer more compatible with some of the other bloggers out there who have put in a lot of effort in making the information they provide a joy to read and look through. Don't worry if the background appears out of focus, you're not suffering from optic neuritis that's just the way it is. I have yet to add the list of blogs I visit somewhere on my site I'll get there someday, it's a trial and error thing you try this you try that while relying heavily on blogs that appeal to you.

On one of my favorite blogs the writer spoke of common problems most of us with MS deal with at one time or another, all right then all the time if you prefer. I answered her posting yet was unable to insert a photograph in my response. If you look at the photograph and you don't suffer from MS you probably wouldn't get it yet for the vast majority of us with MS there are constant trips to the washroom. Mostly comprised of false alarms, you had the urge to go but then it went or you just went and have to go again. The worst is when you sit there and your bladder is telling you it is time when in fact the time has yet to arrive, looking over my toilet staring at the beautiful Caribbean Sea all that water well in my case it seems to help at least a bit. If nothing else it conjures up pleasant memories of a day when I could plunge in without hesitation.

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Karen said...

Hey Mike,
Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and sharing your story.

Yes, all us folks with MS "get it" for sure. Great picture, maybe you should install a mini waterfall, the sound of trickling water may help ;)

I like your new bog design, and your comment about optic neuritis made me laugh. I am always asking hubby when watching the TV...does that look blurry to you, or is it my eyes? Usually it is the TV. LOL


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