Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Respite care

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
This morning I have started making a list of things I will require next week, not even certain if they have such a thing as an Internet connection certainly no WiFi yet perhaps some way for me to access my mail. Normally I wouldn't worry about it since the majority of hotels today provide Internet access one way or another except in this case for the first time I will be going to a respite care facility.

Certainly didn't plan things this way, my idea of respite care is for individuals in their late to mid 80s not when you're 53 however life has taught me that one's age has little to do with the necessity to rely on others for so many things we take for granted. On one hand I'm looking forward to the experience after all I am going of my own free will. My spouse will be a visiting our new grandchild, my oldest daughter and son-in-law for one week. In an ideal world I would certainly accompany her yet who lives in an ideal world?
For me to stay at home alone for an entire week would prove virtually impossible, I believe they refer to it as someone unable to accomplish the activities of daily living. Now doesn't that make you feel just all warm and fuzzy inside.

To stay at home would've required daily visits from nursing attendants to get up and out of bed in the morning, get dressed or take a shower then get dressed only to return early evening to put me to bed. Add to thIs the reality that most days would be spent alone not that there not now yet in the evenings after work I get to spend some time with my spouse. Besides it is without doubt this will provide her with the opportunity to enjoy her trip not having to worry about me every single day, a break from having to deal with this MS crap she never signed up for.

I've never been and I'm not certain what to expect I certainly hope Miss Ratchet has found another employer! So I'm making a list before I go however what do you bring? My only link to the outside world is the Internet the various sites I visit and the news which comes out on the net before the ink has time to dry on the printed versions.

If I have access I will definitely update my blog to share my experience and if not it will be a condensed version of what went on during my week away.

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