Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How much of your donation goes to administration?

Recently read an interesting article which was a result of my curiosity in finding just how much of our contributions went to research. While this varies from one organization to another I was disappointed to read that our society came in second for having the highest percentage of funds allocated to administration. See the following link for a list of many charitable organizations, it will definitely make you think twice before handing out more funds.

Local chapters usually provide a number of services for people affected with MS and these vary greatly depending on the number of people who sign up for these activities. Interesting to note, ever since I've been involved the group never seems to change, there are hundreds of people affected with MS within our jurisdiction yet only a handful actively participate.
I'm not saying these get-togethers and activities are not important they definitely are I for one participate on those I can. Next year I think I'll give them a few hundred bucks from my pocket for the activities I participate in and as for the rest well I'll be concentrating on raising funds for my needs whether that means treatments which are not currently covered under our current health plan or for any other personal needs I may have. Selfish perhaps yet the funds would translate into immediate results with an immediate impact on my life, my situation and my disabilities.
You know I really wasn't interested in any of this until the president of the College of physicians in our province of Québec decided that privately owned x-ray clinics could no longer perform Doppler's on patients with multiple sclerosis. Anyone else could go but not those with MS well that ignited a fire which I hope will spread throughout the community, unfortunately most of the impact will be felt by our MS Society.

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