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Wednesday, December 2, 2008

It is quite satisfying to receive a response from someone with the clout and financial backing to bring about change. It is also nice when your concerns have been recognized identified by others not everything falls on deaf ears. Here is what I received regarding the grant program which limits participation to those 49 years or younger.
PS: names have been removed

Thank you very much for your thoughtful response - I am responding on Mr. Savoie’s behalf and have provided him with a copy of your email.
We are aware of the age restrictions under the current rules for the Registered Disability Savings Plan and have expressed our concerns about the limitations. We will continue to do so until changes are made.
We are also advancing other approaches to income security for people with MS and other chronic diseases and disabilities that are more inclusive. One recommendation is to make some simple changes to the current tax system, e.g., making the disability tax credit refundable for people who have low or no taxable income; another recommendation, is to make EI sickness benefits more flexible to allow people to work part-time and to receive partial benefits for a period of time.
It is also increasingly apparent that we need a complete overhaul of the often confusing and contradictory federal and provincial disability pensions, benefits and supports. Right now, people with disabilities can be caught between programs and jurisdictions, resulting in little income and no concrete supports. The MS Society is urging reform of this jurisdiction confusion happen quickly.
Thank you again for your message. We’ll continue to keep you and others updated about progress we are making on these important issues.
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