Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

After what appeared to me as a lackadaisical attitude towards a recent study by Dr. Paolo Zamboni, University of Ferrara, Italy the Canadian multiple sclerosis Society appears to have had a change of heart announcing requests for research, operating grants related to investigating his hypothesis. Judging from the amount of media exposure over the past several weeks I suspect they succumbed to the immense public pressure.

It is not difficult to understand why some neurologists would be hesitant to accept this as a valid investigational procedure, a few have, yet the proposed hypothesis contradicts the majority of studies conducted to date. It has the potential of bringing a radical change in identifying MS as solely auto immune. It has the potential of putting into question the disease modifying therapies widely accepted today as the current preferred treatment option.

Personally I've always remained somewhat of a skeptic when most patients are given the option to choose between the four or five disease modifying therapies available today. Most are told to select the one which best meets their lifestyle i.e. daily injections, once a week, every three days etc. etc. when was the last time you suffered from a condition where the doctor allowed you to pick a rather choose from a variety of medications? Quite frankly I believe it is done because all of the medications provide virtually the same results what are the odds? I believe it is for that reason and that reason only patients are allowed to choose.

Research was recently announced at a few MS centers in the US, while the Canadian centers remained to be identified I would suspect Montréal, Ottawa and possibly Toronto may be included as investigational sites. I remain optimistic our Canadian centers will follow the same protocol as those established in the USA, patients with primary progressive as well as secondary progressive MS are included within the study group. Candidates will be selected by the end of January 2010. You can be certain I will be in line no matter what.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada - National News Releases - MS Society of Canada announces request for research operating grants related to CCSVI and MS

On a totally different subject yet one I am certain is greatly impacted because I have MS is diabetes. I am a type II diabetic and have been for many years diet and mobility have always kept medications at bay. Some of the easiest ways to control diabetes are by exercising, "I'm wheelchair-bound." Another method of control is weight, again I'm wheelchair-bound and to top it off take medications which as a side effect contribute to weight gain. Give me a break! Yes I have my coffee in the morning and I take it with Splenda and a bit of cream yes cream. Breakfast normally consists of one bottle of glucerna, midday all have a bottle of water for lunch a lean cuisine. A normal dinner and that's it for the most part.
My M.D. felt that diet wasn't sufficient and now I'm on some type of prescribed medication which as a side effect gives me a stomach ache. I remain optimistic that this unwanted side effect will dissipate after a week or so. Hopefully it will help, time will tell.
Funny however with all the medications out there to treat this disease I certainly wasn't given the option of picking the medication I'd like based on my lifestyle. Sorry I just had to put that in to drive home my point about the disease modifying therapies available for MS.

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