Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Generally things are going much better than they were last week at least the bruises are beginning to heal, note the yellow color which eventually dissipates as the skin regains its natural color just in time for more abuse LOL. In a way I'm pleased I wasn't scheduled for a flu shot I doubt the nurse would have selected this arm. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts this was not a controlled fall.

This week I must order a lift, I've placed my electric bath lift for sale and will order a lift in case it happens again which inevitably it will to think it wouldn't would not be realistic. Hopefully with the lift we will not have to rely on the ambulance service.
The cut on my head is healing nicely however it will be quite some time i.e. several weeks to a month before I get my haircut I'm just paranoid about touching that area right now rather I've adopted that new style of hairdo you know the one something similar to the Michael Booble/Donald Trump look.

On a more positive note I've been selected as the spokesperson for our MS walk this year. It will be interesting I hope they're ready for me, the message is quite different when it comes from someone with progressive MS. There is no relapsing remitting here it's progressive where remissions only happen during sleep and the occasional dream where you can actually see or feel the simple act of walking.

Have a great day.
Actually come to think of it every morning when I awake I make a conscious decision that today will be a good day, once the decision is made it's amazing how powerful that seemingly trivial decision can be.

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