Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

really wasn't planning on raising funds this year my wife and I have participated in the walk against multiple sclerosis for the past 14 years and felt we were pretty much deserving of a break from it all.
As this year's walk is just around the corner, turns out it's impossible for me to look the other kids as young as three are currently being diagnosed with MS.
My justification for not getting involved this year related to the lack of progress in the development of viable treatments for progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Most if not all of the advances being made are for relapsing remitting MS or secondary progressive MS, in a way I felt cheated, why should I raise funds towards something that will provide no personal benefit?
Coming to grips with what I was living through I recognized it as selfishness, a sense of bitterness not directed at those who work to find a cure rather a feeling of frustration since they haven't found anything for me myself and I. Realizing I am not alone in this fight does not negate the fact that every morning is a struggle, the simplest tasks are arduous at best and at the end of the day I am most always exhausted.
Turning a blind eye will certainly not help our fight against this disease, quite frankly it is impossible for me to stand by and do nothing. Personally I am resigned to the reality of being wheelchair bound permanently at least till the day I leave yet if by chance my efforts "your efforts" bring forth some type of treatment in the years to come it would be a tremendous victory.
You will never know how strong my desire was to put this behind me this year I cringed just thinking about it, I hate fund-raising and after so long you get the point where you lose hope. No matter what type of MS you are burdened with each form is one hell of a mountain which for me is proving impossible to climb so i'll hang on to what I have for dear life. If what we raise can in some small way serve as a stepping stone to a cure at least we will have given it our very best.

You can pledge and help me in many ways. First there is the MS website if you go to this site press pledge a participant then enter my name Michael Halashyn you will be able to enter the amount of your pledge.

A second means is to bid on my MS bear posted on eBay which you can find by copying and posting the following link in your address bar.

Finally if you are really strapped for funds you can send me whatever you can a dollar or two by using PayPal, my PayPal account is

If you still can't find it in your heart to make a donation then please keep your dollar there is no doubt that one day you'll be looking for help in some way shape or form you see if there is one justice in this world it is that we will all pass no matter what and the majority will encounter some suffering along the way.
God bless

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dad,
I'm glad to see you are going to do the MS walk again this year - I was wondering if you would after all of the frustration with the distribution of funds. I will be pledging you and Manon although will do so in person when I see you and Mom in March. Where is the walk where you are? If it's too late by mom's bday then I'll use one of your options here. xoxox JOsee

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