Monday, December 22, 2008

December 22, 2008

As with most we are getting ready for Christmas, both of our girls are coming up this year it will be nice to spend Christmas together. Traveling on my part is becoming more and more of a challenge, if we plan on taking a trip as we did for our 30th wedding anniversary last year in Las Vegas preparations must begin well beyond the norm.
One of my requirements, an adapted room yet it's amazing how that definition varies from location to location. In some cases having a grab bar somewhere near the toilet qualifies to some as being adapted, something we experienced in Québec city this summer.
On our Vegas trip we stayed at the Bellagio I was amazed at the level of adaptation our room had, mind you I did call them beforehand to make certain our room had a wheelchair accessible shower.
They had a motorized lift in the bedroom and one in the washroom, the washroom facilities included a wheel in shower a huge tub and a motorized lift to transport someone from the toilet seat into the shower.
It was amazing I had never seen anything done so professionally.

I began by saying that we were getting ready for Christmas, my wife did the work all I wanted to do this morning was to solidify the legs on our dining room set. It's one of those where the table is high and the chairs are more like barstools when it comes to height because of this they don't tend to be as durable.
For certain if I removed the screws added a bit of epoxy that would surely take care of the problem. Once again my brain knew very well I could perform the task yet my hands could not so while I ended up gluing one of the chairs I also ended up with epoxy on my pants, my shirt, hands etc. etc. when it comes to fine dexterity well I don't have it anymore. How can you help but not get frustrated when everything you used to take for granted slowly drifts beyond your grasp. I built a house for Pete's sake you would think that mixing and applying a bead of epoxy would be a cinch. Nope major undertaking now my back is sore my arms are sore and I'm not doing anything for the rest of the day.

To everyone I would like to wish a Merry Christmas if you don't celebrate Christmas happy Hanukkah if you don't celebrate that happy nothing at all and the best for 2009.


Anonymous said...

Salut Mike
Sylvie et moi te souhaitons ainsi qu'à toute ta famille une très joyeux Noël et une excellente année 2009. Ce fut très agréable de se rencontrer par hasard la semaine dernière. On se fixe un rendez-vous en début 2009.

P.S. En référence à ton message ci-dessus concernant la construction de ta maison : Je suis témoin qu'elle est toujours debout.. ben solide!!!!

john j said...

hey mike, just want to wish you and your family the best this holiday season... looks like your blog is off and running

Anonymous said...

Ouais, une maison impressionant!

Une chance que tu n'as pas empoyé ton harmonica pour jouer une tounne après avoir collée ta chaise. Tu aurais été poigné à jouer et rejouer pendant tout le temps des fêtes et tu aurais eu les babines enflées.

Mais, j'ai une question: "ça s'enlève comment de l'epoxy?"

S'cusez-la!!! (lol),

Joyeux Noël et bon bricolage en 2009,

Line ;)

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