Friday, December 19, 2008

December 19, 2008

Hey I have a follower I'm so happy he ain't heavy he's my brother! Thanks Roger appreciate the visit and the tests to see if this thing actually worked.
I'd also like to hear from others with the primary form of this disease and see how you are dealing with it now I realize we don't have much of a choice but some tend to deal with it better than others. Recently we received our modified Toyota Van which has provided us with a great deal of freedom that was lost due to being wheelchair bound. It took a long time actually almost 3 years but I was able to conserve my driving license "I drive from my wheelchair."
Actually I had an appointment today with my occupational therapist, canceled it due to the amount of snow outside these electric wheelchairs are great on asphalt but suck on anything else, far from being four-wheel-drive if there is any doubt you'd better stay home.
Here are a few pictures of our new van.
PS: If you can drive an electric wheelchair in a shopping center without taking out fellow shoppers don't let anyone tell you your driving day's are over. It's not rocket science.

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