Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You may believe you are insured, yet are you really?

Recently viewed a documentary dealing with long-term disability including other insurance plans offered by most private companies.

It was interesting to hear according to this that the vast majority up to an estimated two thirds of persons on these programs were not actually covered.

It has to do with a "pre-existing condition" a clause which exists in almost every if not all insurance policies.   In a nutshell it means, if you had the condition before the policy was enacted you would be disqualified due to your pre-existing condition.

Today many companies regularly change insurance carriers signing up new ones usually based on cost, benefits etc.

As with all companies the bottom line rules and in many cases if not all of them the change is due to the almighty buck.

It may be something you wish to verify with the company you work for whether or not you have coverage for a pre-existing condition, especially if you have recently changed insurance carriers.

Hopefully I am wrong, yet it is worth investigating.

More on insurance to follow!

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