Saturday, April 30, 2011

You'd like ideas? This must be seen by everyone.

Several weeks ago Karen started sharing tips which were appreciated by everyone, I especially enjoyed reading about the different writing instruments as this is one of my difficulties, I have little dexterity left in either hand matter of fact all of my posts are written using a voice recognition program. It appears with time we are all faced with challenges, some of these are easier to overcome than others yet it is certainly special when we can share what we have learned with others so that they too can derive some benefit.

In some cases we remain unaware of other people's efforts to help us overcome our limitations. There is a special group I wanted to mention for quite some time these are a group of people individuals who have come up with ingenious ways for us and anyone with a physical disability to overcome many obstacles. I am certain you will agree their suggestions are invaluable and must be shared with as many persons as possible.

Initially I was planning on waiting till next week before posting this however I was so pleased to receive permission from the owners of the site that I could not wait to share it with you.

I quote the following e-mail I received from Tom yesterday.

"Hello back Michael,

Yes, certainly I would like you to provide a link to on you blog. My only desire is that information be available to benefit those with disabilities and my thanks to you for doing it.

Very best regards,
Tom Jeary
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada"

You will note a counter on their site which they have recently reset to zero once it hit 60,000 today it stands at 9000 I'm hoping we can blow this counter through the roof a simple way of thanking them for their efforts.

If you have any problems with the link please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail at I will provide you with the link.
This site alone should exonerate me from providing tips for the next thousand years LOL

Enjoy the sunshine, if you have it!


Karen said...

Cool Michael! A great website with a ton of interesting gadgets.

Studio Jo said...

Wow, people come up with some pretty neat ideas.

MikeH said...

Some of the ideas are really simple and not that expensive.
When my ergotherapist saw this she was in heaven LOL

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