Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Depression Caused by Brain Atrophy in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Received an article this morning which had me thinking, are the people who conduct these studies real? Seems to me they're missing the point, I certainly hope they did not spend thousands of our tax dollars in order to conduct this study.

Perhaps it would have been a novel approach to speak with people who have MS to find out the causes of depression.

You would think losing one's ability to walk, the constant numbing and tingling of extremities, the spasms, optic neuritis, incontinence could possibly contribute to cause depression?
                                                                                                                                                                                      I would think depression would be very likely to occur given these conditions.                                          For some it is quite possible depression begins the day they receive their diagnosis.
Come on folks, and this is for you scientists, please focus on the actual issue here the cause of MS and not some research which in my opinion provides little value.

You certainly don't require a PhD to understand that if your brain atrophies a host of cognitive issues may arise yet suggesting the atrophy causes depression in MS patients is akin tol putting the carriage in front of the horse don't you think?

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